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Thermal imaging is a way for me to more thoroughly inspect for problems. 

Energy loss.  Using infrared and house fans to find areas that lack insulation and air sealing.

Infrared certified
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Mold. Air samples taken outside and inside for comparison. Surface sample from areas of concern. I use a national certified lab.

Radon.  Which is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer.

We use ion chamber radon sampling machines that are connected to an app to give you the results immediately upon completion of the test. No sending it off to a lab and waiting.

LeRoy Dunn

Hello and welcome to my site. My name is LeRoy Dunn and it would be my privilege to be your new or existing property inspector. 

Serving Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas counties in Kansas and Jackson, Clay, Cass counties in Missouri.

My promise to you.

Unlike most professionals that you hire, you probably won't meet me until our appointment. 

Ultimately, a thorough  inspection depends heavily on the inspectors personal effort.

When you allow me the honor of inspecting your home or business, I gaurantee you my best effort. I'll inspect your property as if I was purchasing it.

I work for you!

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